New antibacterial nanotechnological solution for wound care management

The StopBac STERILE range is a modern, antibacterial dressing designed for wound care. StopBac is produced by Grade Medical, a leading Czech manufacturer of innovative medical devices for wound treatment, and was invented in collaboration with Czech well-known plastic surgeons.

Thanks to unique manufacturing process and the use of nanotechnology based on silver cations, it provides an exceptionally powerful antimicrobial effect preventing wound contamination and reducing infection-related complications. This technology means that StopBac forms an ideal preventive barrier-type protection for surgical wounds against complications during the healing process. Therefore StopBac is a great solution for covering wounds after plastic surgeries.

The bearer of the antibacterial effect is silver cations, which cause the cell death of bacteria, which is synergistically supported by the sol itself. As a result, StopBac helps shorten the period of hospitalisation, reducing the amount of antibiotics and analgesics used, and reduces the number of times the wound needs to be redressed.

It is thus a cost-effective way of healing postoperative wounds, which prevents a manifold increase in treatment costs and the devastating impact of infection on the patient's health, contributes to the faster and more effective healing of wounds, and saves time for medical staff. All this at better prices than expensive foreign materials.

The exceptional effectiveness of StopBac dressings has been proven based on painstaking development and testing in Czech university hospitals. The excellent results of StopBac in wound care management were subsequently published in many magazines including EWMA.

The excellent price-performance ratio and effectiveness of StopBac have been proved multiple times in high-ranking studies, e. g. StopBac – a new silver dressing in surgical wounds led by Ass. Prof. . Martin Oliverius, Ph.D. (University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady) published at International Wound Journal or Silver-based antimicrobial dressing in the prevention of surgical site infection led by MUDr. Jan Stryja (Salvatella, Hospital Podlesi).

StopBac dressings are recommended by leading clinics at university hospitals that use these products on a daily basis.


Článek byl publikován v časopise Acta Chirurgiae Orthopaedicae, který vydává Česká společnost pro ortopedii a traumalogoii.